Utilizing open-sources software the Integrated ID Management reduces ID management cost

Secioss offers integrated ID management solution and single sign-on environment at low cost by utilizing open-source software, such as LISM, simpleSAMLphp, mod_auth_tkt, etc.
Furthermore, taking advantage of the cloud computing era's single sign-on technology such as SAML and OpenID, we could integrate ID management with SaaS type services like Salesforce and Google Apps, and offer a single sign-on environment, which reduces customer's ID management cost and also improves the security.

Saas type single sign-on Integrate ID management service -- SeciossLink

SeciossLink is a set of SaaS-based services which consists of single sign-on and integrate ID management.
It is possible to manage in an integrated single sign-on and ID management from Salsforce, Google Apps, and other SaaS service to private cloud or intranet on-premise system.
Also, in the cloud, it is possible to centrally manage Linux accounts and public keys for login when managing large numbers of instances.

About LISM

LISM is an integrated identity management software which is being developed as an open-source project by Secioss. We offer an optimal ID management environment for every customer based on the expertise cultivated through the development of LISM.
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About Shibboleth, simpleSAMLphp, and mod_auth_tkt

This is an open source single sign-on SOFTWARE. We offer an integrated single sign-on environment ranging from intranet to SaaS by combining the software, such as Shibboleth, simpleSAMLphp, and mod_auth_tkt.
Secioss Access Manager Community Edition>>

About Secioss OTP

This is a software token used for one-time password which can be downloaded to a mobile phone, also it is an open-source software licensed as GPL. The algorithm is developed according to the RFC standard HOTP, three major carriers of DoCoMo, AU and Softbank are supported.
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